Formigine, ITALY

Covering an area of almost 47 square kilometers, Formigine lies right between Modena, the provincial capital city, and the ceramic district of Sassuolo. It also includes the villages of Casinalbo, Corlo, Colombaro, Magreta and Ubersetto. With more than 34,000 residents, Formigine is the fourth most populated town in the Province of Modena.


There are multiple events throughout the year that revive the memory of ancient traditions as well as others clearly aimed at uniting a modern community. You can easily stroll along tree-lined avenues or ride on paths and in rural parks.


The Castle displays a wonderful example of the architectonic evolution of a medieval fortification into a Renaissance manor. The medieval phase coincides with the stronghold (the rocchetta), the oldest fortified nucleus, whereas the Renaissance phase coincides with the marquis’ palace.


The stronghold is the nuclear matrix of the whole complex. It coincides the most ancient phase of the foundation of the castle and in particular to the XIII century phase realized by the Council of Modena. The excavations have brought to light the foundations of the pebble walls, with a moat dividing the castle from the medieval hamlet, lying where now we find the inner park. The rocchetta comprises the clock tower, the courtyard, the guard house and the south-east tower.

The centre of Formigine strikes visitors with the majesty of its castle, harmoniously embedded in the urban context, and endowing it with a mediaeval air.

The rocca (citadel) is also the heart of the town’s cultural life, hosting events such as “We Can Cult” (the second weekend of September). It is also home to the precious frescoes of one of the most widely appreciated contemporary artists, David Tremlett.


The bars and restaurants situated in the vicinity offer a pleasant refreshment in a location without cars, and chances to go shopping around are various and high quality.


In front of the Castle, crossing the Via Giardini , lies St. Bartholomew parish church. In this square overlooked by the Castle, also lies the Loggia, a XV century building. Nearby, you will also find the Conventino’s oratory and the Madonna del Ponte church, whose name derives from the XVI oratory located near the drawbridge of the old town walls.

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